Célébration de la Journée Mondiale de l’Accréditation

On June 09, 2022, the Algerian Accreditation Body celebrated World Accreditation Day, highlighting in this edition the contribution of the accreditation of conformity assessment bodies to economic growth and environmental performance playing an unwavering role in sustainable development.
On this occasion and under the patronage of the Minister of Industry, a meeting was held at the SEAAL training center devoted to the theme "Accreditation: Sustainability of economic growth and the environment" in which took part Mr. Minister of Industry, Ahmed Zeghdar, representatives of several ministerial departments, economic operators and experts.
This opportunity gave rise to a rich debate around the role of accreditation and its impact on sustainable development, its support for the economy and the promotion of industrial competitiveness.
This day was also used for the delivery of more than 50 accreditation certificates to public and private organizations and companies, also, at the signing of a cooperation agreement between the Employers' Union - the Council of Algerian Economic Renewal - (CREA) and the Algerian Accreditation Body (ALGERAC) mainly aimed at promoting quality and compliance among economic operators with the aim of improving the competitiveness of companies and ensuring effective and efficient growth. economy.
As such, the Director General of ALGERAC made a point of addressing during his speech, the employers' organizations, to ask them to accompany him in the popularization and expansion of the scope of accreditation with the companies concerned, mainly quality control and compliance laboratories.

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